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It is the late 1970s, and a brothel has been operating outside of fictional Gilbert, Texas, for more than a century. While taking care of her girls, the proprietor Miss Mona Stangley is also on good terms with the local sheriff, Ed Earl Dodd. When crusading television reporter Melvin P. Thorpe decides to make the illegal activity an issue, political ramifications cause the place to be closed down. Starring Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds, the film adaptation’s country icons threw Whorehouse into a whirlwind of fame and glamour, taking the story from one of a ‘Lil' Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place' to a Hollywood phenomenon.

The show weaves all elements of country music, from big ensemble Western Swings such as ’20 Fans’ to the Classic country tones of ‘Doatsey Mae.’ With a storyline that pulls at the heartstrings full of hard up characters far from a fairy tale, and country stereotypes in all elements that get your feet box-stepping in your saddle, Whorehouse promises to take you on an emotional ride that’ll have you wanting to leap from your seat and onto the stage!

Director: David Villiers 
Musical Director: Paul Cozens 
Producers: Emily Leonard and Aileen Ryan 
Choreographer: Cara Turtington 
Assistant Musical Director: Adrian Hau 

Lighting Design - Max Blackman


Miss Mona - Jo Eggleton

Sheriff Ed Earl – Steve Shields
Melvin P. Thorpe - Benjamin Thiele-Long
Jewel - Siobhan McConnon
Doatsy May - Linda McCalister
Governor/Dogette - Rob Dorey
Senator/Dogette - Murray Grant
Edsel Mackey/Aggie - Adrian Hau

Rufus Poindexter/Aggie - Eddie Mann

CJ Scruggs/Aggie - Matthew Curry


Angel - Lisa Pilkington

Shy - Sian Freeman

Dawn/Angelette - Samantha Partridge
Ruby Rae - Rowena Alloush
Ginger - Lauren Haslehurst
Linda Lou - Rhiannon Rose
Beatrice - Tamara Klemich
Eloise - Lauren Alonso

Durla - Stephanie Da Silva
Taddy Jo/Angelette - Natalie Demain


Aggie/Chip Brewster - Ian Thiele

Aggie/Announcer - James Fox

Aggie/Dogette - Antonio Oliveira

Aggie/Cameraman/Governor’s Aide – Ryan Lee

Aggie/Sound Man/Governor’s Aide – Christopher King
Dogette/Angelette - Rosalind Parry
Imogene Charlene/Dogette - Lucy Mannick
Nurse/Dogette/Angelette - Lily Cullen
Miss Wulla Jean/Dogette/Angelette - Hannah Gibson

Book by Larry L. King and Peter Masterson 
Music and Lyrics by Carol Hall 
Based on a story by Larry L. King

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