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Onstage Membership

Becoming an Onstage Member of Centre Stage costs £15.00 per year and is for those members who want to take an active performing role within the Centre Stage community. In order to audition for any of our shows, you must be an onstage member of Centre Stage. For information on this year's season, click here. You don't have to wait until auditions to become a member! We release our audition slots to existing members first, in addition to other benefits. You can join us all year round.


Being an onstage member also has a variety of other benefits including:


  • Free auditions for each of our shows;

  • Priority booking for all of our events, including shows and auditions;

  • Access to our Members Only Facebook Page;

  • Ad-hoc Members Only benefits, such as cheap theatre tickets;

  • The chance to vote at our AGM.


To purchase membership please fill out the form below and make a payment by pressing the Paypal button. If you have additional questions contact our Membership Officer.

Thanks for submitting! To complete your application please make a payment via the Paypal button to the right. 

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How do I join Centre Stage? Do I have to audition to join?

Centre Stage operates as a society of members, not a company of actors. You do not need to be a member to join our mailing list or to attend a social, and you do not need to audition to join us. You can join as a member at any time by emailing our Membership Manager, or through our website. Everyone is welcome; whether you are an actor, or whether you want to help out backstage, choreograph, paint sets or direct! Our only requirement is that you are over 18.


If you want to perform in one of our productions, you will need to audition for that show specifically, and you must be an Onstage member to do that. You can join in advance through this page, or you can pay for an onstage membership through our booking system when you book your audition slot. You will also need to be either an onstage or offstage member if you join the crew or creative team for one of our productions.


Do I have to be a member to be on your mailing list?

No, it is free to join our mailing list. If you're on our general mailing list you'll still get our audition announcements, but members get them first! Email to request to join the mailing list, or fill out the box at the bottom of this page!


If I'm a member, will I be in the next show?

Being a member doesn’t mean you will be automatically cast in a show – all members have to audition for each show as per the show’s audition requirements, even if they've been with us for years! We do not have a "members first" casting policy, or require you to have been in an ensemble role to 'earn' a principal role. To make it fair to everyone, Centre Stage productions are always cast with the best person for the role as considered by the casting panel for that specific production.  To maximise opportunities to perform with us, we tend to pick titles with large casts. All casting decisions are made by the show’s production team based on auditionees’ talent and fit for the show. Our shows generally have a healthy mix of members both new and old. If you are not cast, there will be opportunities to help out backstage, with set design and build, with front of house etc.


When are your next auditions?
Check out our Dates for your Diary page for the latest information. Everyone on our mailing list will get advance notice of when auditions are released but members get a window to book first.

I haven't had any professional training, can I still get involved?

Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds - we have members from 18 to 60 something, some of whom have had a lot of professional training and many of whom have had none. We know that there are many of you that used to work professionally and now have other careers but still want to perform in an amateur environment - equally, we warmly welcome those of you with zero training who just love to sing and dance! Come to an audition and show us what you've got! Our production teams look for potential at auditions, not perfection, so we strongly encourage you to just give it a go.


Where do you rehearse?

We rehearse in various Central London locations, including Liverpool Street, Camden, Goodge Street and Stockwell. The specific locations will be announced in the welcome pack for each show, but will almost always be as close to Zone 1 as possible. We are also on the continuous hunt for a permanent home solution, so stay tuned!


I have a full-time job, will I still be able to participate?

The vast majority of our members work full-time. We rehearse in the evenings and at weekends. Typically, a cabaret may rehearse on one weeknight and a weekend day (for example, Wednesday evening 7 pm - 10 pm and Saturday 11 am - 4 pm); whilst a large-scale show may rehearse two weeknights and a weekday (such as Tuesday and Thursday 7 pm - 10 pm and Saturday 11 am - 5 pm). This will vary from show to show, but you will not be expected to attend during the average working day. Rehearsals tend to intensify nearer to show week, and there is an expectation that you will attend "Get-In" (where we bring the show into the theatre space - this can take all day, and is usually on a Sunday), plus one or more Tech and Dress Rehearsals in the evenings immediately prior to the show dates. All attendance expectations will be fully laid out in the audition notice.

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