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Become a Centre Stage London Trustee!


Our 2023-2024 Committee were elected on Saturday September 16th 2023. The next AGM will be in September 2024


Centre Stage London is a charity governed and managed by a Board of Trustees. Each year, at our AGM, the current board is dissolved and a new one is elected.

Our board of trustees is comprised of up to 13 voting members plus President and must include the following roles: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Business Manager. Other voting members may be elected to roles which include: Marketing Manager, Marketing Officer, Social Media Officer, Membership Officer, Events Officer, Education & Diversity Officer, Box Office Manager, Artistic Director and General Member. Full role descriptions are available at the bottom of this page. Anyone can put themselves forward to be a Trustee, although if elected they will need to become an Active member immediately. Only Active members may vote for the Committee.

If you are interested in becoming a Trustee or you want to hear from a current Trustee what being on the board is like, get in touch with any of our current board! 

For further information feel free to contact us at

Trustees' Structure and Role Descriptions 

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