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Director/MD: Benjamin Tinsel-Long

Assistant Musical Director: Sophie Wright-Claus

Creative Director: Barry Jinglebells-Quinn

Producer: Stuart Mistletoe-James


Lynne Baillie

Camilla Burnside

Inti Conde

Naomi Finn

Kate Gledhill

Hebe Hamilton

Andreas Hansen

Michael Henry

Mira Keskinen

Tatia Kharshi

John Kneeland

Lois Matthews

Franciscus Prins

Claire Robbins

Koralia Salacuri

Sara Simon-Vermot

Olivia Stearman

Chris Watson

Caroline Winter

Natalie Woodward

Lucy Wright


Expectation, excitement, magic and sparkle. There’s only one time of year that’s this special. 
We’re celebrating everything we love about the festive season in one big Christmas Cake. With a cast of 21 uniquely talented performers, we’ll go on a journey to the past with jolly classics that capture the real spirit of Christmas. 
Let the Yule tide carry you away with songs you’ll know and love, be they sweet and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or full of bells that jingle. 
Don’t be left waving through a window, you’ll be amazed at what baking can do. Grab a ticket to this cheerful cabaret!
After all, we need a little Christmas…


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