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Cast and Creative

Tracy Lord - Eileen Donnelly
Dinah Lord - Lotte Gilmore
Margaret Lord - Maggie Robson 
C.K. Dexter Haven - Philip Doyle
Uncle Willie - David Walker-Smith 
Mike Connor - Michael Smith
Liz Imbrie - Jo Eggleton
George Kittredge - John Vallance
Seth Lord/Chester the Butler - Murray Grant
Stanley the Butler /US Mike/George - William Moss
Maid /US Tracy - Cheryl Higgins

Maid /US Liz - Gabi Benton-Stace
Maid /US Mother Lord - Cheryl Gurnham

Mrs Flanagan - Siobhan McConnon

Maid - Bethany Brinkley

Maid - Ellie Cahill

Maid - Carol Felton

Maid - Naomi Finn

Maid - Tamara Klemich

Maid /Dance Captain - Sian Levett

Maid - Lucy Lincoln

Maid - Alexis Rose


Director: Matthew Prince

Musical Director: Benjamin Thiele-Long

Choreographer: Adesuwa Gbinigie

Producer: Hannah Gibson


Meet the Cast

Official Trailer


In Rehearsal

Society Night

Well did you Evah?

Have you heard, it's in the stars…


Last November Centre Stage were proud to present one of Cole Porter’s most famous musical comedies, High Society.


The show follows an impossibly rich American family in 1938 as they prepare for their eldest daughter’s glamorous second wedding.


Will Tracy go through with her marriage to the stuffed shirt, George; or, will she fall again for the charms of her ex-husband? Will her mother reconcile with her father, who ran off with a common showgirl? Will celebrity gossip hounds, Mike and Liz, scoop a shocking and sordid story about extravagant wealth for their magazine? Or, will they too become entangled in the romantic twists that are around every corner?

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