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Music by Frank Loesser and book by Abe Burrows

Bridewell Theatre, 6 – 10 November 2012


Power, sex, ambition, greed... it's just another day at the office. From the authors of Guys and Dolls comes one of the most delightfully irreverent musicals of all time.


A satire of big business and all it holds sacred, H2$ follows the rise of J. Pierrepont Finch, who uses a little handbook called "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" to climb the corporate ladder from lowly window washer to high-powered executive, tackling such familiar but potent dangers as the aggressively compliant "company man," the office party, backstabbing co-workers, caffeine addiction and, of course, true love.

Creative Team

Adam Moulder - Jenkins

Amelia Rope - Betty

Andrew Harding - Mr Bratt

Anna Brewer - Miss Krumholtz

Benjamin Long - J Pierrepont Finch

Blake Klein - Peterson

Christine Donnelly - Carol

Cheryl Clarke - Peggy

Daniel Paul - Ovington

Daniel Mack Shand - Takaberry

Edward Walsh - Davis

Emma Walton - Rosemary Pilkington

Hannah Gibson - Joan

Ian Thiele - Matthews

Janet Lurie Dawe - Pamela

Jason Rodger - Toynbee

Joe Penny - Mr Milton Gatch

Jolie Graber - Teresa

Julia Kleinsteuber - Sandra

Kevin Sherwin - Mr Twimble/Wally Womper

Leon Hernandez - Johnson

Matt Hudson - Bud Frump

Mimi Kroll - Miss Jones

Olivia Hood - Hedy La Rou

Rachel Taylor - Trudy

Rob Dorey - J Biggley

Rosalind Parry - Liza

Sarah Lalin - Smitty

Director – Dom O’Hanlon
Musical Directors – Daniel Jones & Lizzy Rosser
Choreographer – Nichola Welch
Producer – Rachel Jayne Taylor

How to Succeed In Business wthout really trying


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