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The hunchback of notre dame


Director: James-Lee Campbell

Assistant Director: Alexis Rose

Musical Director: Mark Smith

Choreographers: Peter Stonnell & Sara Ramirez

Producer: Giles Burden

Company Manager: Rob Greenwood

Lighting: Martin Walton

Sound: Henry Whittaker & Adam Coppard

Tech Production Manager: Mark Steward




Stephen Mitchell                                    

Suriyah Rashid                                   

Peter Shatwell                            

Julian Silverman                       

Will Garrood

Alvaro Blecua de Pedro                       

Emma Bowker                                          

Karen Braganza

Tshiella D                                        

Nick Dore                                                      

Amy Foden

Katie Gallagher

Tim Garrad     

Javier Gavela

Hannah Hillyard                              

Grace Iglesias-Fernandez

Tama Knight

Jacob Lloyd

Jake Mckerell                                  

Rosie O'Rourke                                 

Tom Outhwaite

Rosalind Parry

Darcy Phillips                                   

Giovanni Pillitu                                

Steven Ryall

Stefania Sguera

Danielle Solomon                                      

Eleanor Strutt 

James Thacker

Sean Westwood

Claire Wimbush

John Yan   

Congregant / Featured Dancer
Congregant / Florika
Congregant / Featured Dancer
Congregant / Jehan
Congregant / Featured Dancer
Congregant / Frederic
Congregant / Featured Dancer
Congregant / Dance Captain
Congregant / St Aphrodisius
Congregant / Featured Dancer
Congregant / Featured Dancer
Congregant / Featured Dancer

Congregant / Featured Dancer
Congregant / King Louis
Congregant / Madam
Congregant / Fr Dupin

Tom Adams

Lisa Baltovich

Angelia Benjamin

Lucy Boardman

Camrin Chappell

Laarni Cornista-Hollebon

Kate Craft

Talia Djanogly

Matt Dolman

Laura Grant

Daniela Gatta

Michael Henry

Stephen Hewitt

Tal Hewitt

Charlie Houseago

Harriet Jackson

Betty Killeen

Will Lambert

Emma Lawsen

Esther Platt

Franciscus Prins

Penny Mullord

Fiona Ritchie

Johan Samuelsson

Frazer Scott

Catherine Stevens

Zsolti Szabo

Imogen Taylor

Hannah Thomas

Charlotte Turner

‘What makes a monster and what makes a man?’


In the midst of a feature animation renaissance in the early 1990s, the storytellers at Disney Animation set out to break new ground with their next animated feature by turning for inspiration to Victor Hugo’s classic gothic novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The resulting 1996 film produced a glorious score by composer Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz that was quickly called to life onstage. An initial production titled Der Glöckner von Notre Dame premiered in 1999 in Berlin, Germany, and enjoyed a successful three-year run, but there was more work to be done on the project before a stage adaptation could be considered definitive.  Enter director Scott Schwartz, who proposed a thrilling new intimate stage vision for Quasimodo’s journey into 1482 Paris. Working with Alan, Stephen and book writer Peter Parnell, Scott and Disney created a new, darker, more adult and highly theatrical version, inspired by and incorporating original text from the novel and expanding the Disney film’s beloved score. Showcasing themes such as faith, power, discrimination, isolation, and sacrifice, The Hunchback of Notre Dame offers a powerful message of acceptance.


We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing this incredible production to life to open the 2023 Centre Stage Season, and in a new, bigger venue. 

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