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Photography by Michael Smith

Team Girls

Astin Sutcliffe

Bobbie Mair

Charlotte Levy

Emma Jelly

Georgie Fogelman

Hannah Jones

Joanne McGahon

Laura Ellis

Lauren Clarke

Tessa Kennedy


Team Leads: Adrian Hau & Alan Taemur

Choreographers: Verity Richards & Nichola Welch

Producer: Amy Thomas

Stage Manager: Andrew Laidlaw



Joe Thompson-Oubari


It’s official. The gauntlet is thrown.

Team Girls will take on Team Boys in this musical throw down of epic proportions! Which team wins? Only the audience decides!


Mic Drop - A Musical Throw-Down takes the hugely popular elements of shows such as The Voice and X Factor and brings an immersive audience experience to the Bridewell in a battle of performances between Team Girls, led by Alan Taemur and Team Boys, led by Adrian Hau. Over 10 rounds, each team will sing a song based on a theme, ranging from Musicals to 90’s Hits, and aim to win the hearts and minds of the Bridewell audience, complemented by our two comperes (who will try and swing their vote!). Each night, a winner will be announced and at the end of the week, the ultimate winner will be announced and heralded as Mic Drop Champions!



Team Boys

Alex Yelland

Callum Gillies

Inti Conde

Jarrod Hawn

Joe McWilliam

Jonathan Whittaker

Nicholas Dore

Richard Upton

Stephen Stubbs

William Hunkin

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