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The Cast

St Godley's School for Young Ladies is facing bankruptcy and decide to stage their own musical version of Melville's novel, Moby Dick. 


After casting herself as Captain Ahab, the headmistress leads her anarchic, St Trinian-esque pupils on a romp through one of America's literary classics. The madcap mariners all pull together to catch the big white whale and fill the school's coffers.


From Nantucket to the wild, wide ocean, the girls of St Godley's take you on a whopping whale hunt. The bilges are bulging with laughs, fabulous songs, spectacular dance and surprises galore.


Join the Centre Stage crew as they set sail aboard the mighty Pequod in an adventure of epic proportions. This 'whale of tale' is sure to give  even the hardiest landlubber dancing sea legs.

Headmistress/Captain Ahab: Rob Dorey
Ishmael: Kaytie Lee

Esta: Emma Walton

Starbuck: Gabi Benton-Stace

Pip: Rosalind Parry
Stubb: Alexis Rose

Quequeg: Hannah Gibson

Coffin/Caretaker: Rob Ingham

Pierre/Captain Gardiner: Lewis Simington

Elijah: Murray Grant

Father Mapple: Charlotte Levy

Flask: Victoria Shooter

Daggoo/Moby Dick: Kathryn Hyde

Tashtego: Jo Eggleton

Swarm/US Elijah: Jo Taylor

Swarm: Naomi Finn

Swarm: Tamara Klemich

Swarm/French Teacher: Janet Lurie

Swarm: Lauren Haslehurst

Swarm: Dan Paul

Director: Matthew Prince

Musical Director: Benjamin Thiele-Long
Choreographer: Elizabeth Nicholson
Producer: Simon Welch 
Dance Captain: Lewis Simington


Official Trailer

Behind the Musical


Backstage & Rehearsals

Here come the girls...

It's a Whale of a Tale

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