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Joe - Lewis Simington
Sarah - Laura Heney
Emmo - Freddy Crook
Lewis - Robert Ingham
Billie - Olivia Hood
Angie - Charlotte Levy
Dad - Tony Cicirello
Kath - Siobhan McConnon
Reecey - Ross Edwards
Mr Pressman - Dan McLoughlin
Callum - Graeme Maynard    


By Tim Firth, Music and lyrics by Madness
Bridewell Theatre, Tuesday 19 - Saturday 23 June 2012 


Centre Stage London presents OUR HOUSE, the story of Joe Casey, who, on the night of his sixteenth birthday, commits a petty crime to impress his girlfriend, Sarah. When the police arrive, young Joe must quickly decide whether he will stay and take the rap for what he’s done or scarper. 

Follow Joe as his life splits in two to find out what happens to Good Joe, who stayed to face the music and Bad Joe, who made a run for it. OUR HOUSE features over 15 Madness hits and won the 2003 Olivier Award for ‘Best New Musical’.



Alexis Rose
Andrew Greer
Andrew Harding
Carol Felton
Claire Sheehy
Debbie Day
Hannah Gibson
Janet Lurie-Dawe
Kathryn Hyde

Leon Hernandez
Lisa Caswell

Director - Peter John Mills
Musical Director - Paul Cozens
Choreographers - Cheryl Gurnham & Natalie Hodgson
Producer - Gemma Thomas

Matt Higbee
Rachel Cain
Ricardo Moraga Gamez
Rosalind Parry
Sasha Molodtsov
Tamara Klemich
Tom Lilley

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