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Another day of sun- join us for summer workshops that'll make your heart sing!

This warm weather makes us want to kick up our heels and sing our hearts out! If you feel the same, you're in luck.  

Whether you've just finished performing in a show, are gathering your energy for an audition or simply want to indulge your creative side, we'd like to introduce Centre Stage Summer Sessions - a month of workshops to brush up your show skills.

We've put together a programme of four one-day workshops led by a talented team of Centre Stagers where you'll have the chance to learn acting through song, audition techniques, improvisation, comedy and more!


Design your own Summer Sessions!

Each week, there'll be two masterclasses from different teachers and every session includes two 2.5 hour masterclasses and a lunch break at central London venues AMTA and Union Theatre throughout June.

Each five hour session is £15 or a £50 multi-pass will book you onto all four sessions (eight masterclasses) with a saving of £10. Attend just one session or all four to design your own Summer Sessions experience, choosing from:

Session 1: Saturday 3 June - Singing (Hip Hop to Broadway + The Art Of A Capella

Various Styles of Singing taught by Hayden Taylor

Hayden takes you from Hip Hop to Broadway and back again in this Summer Session focused on different styles of singing. As a group you'll learn to riff like Beyoncé, belt like Barbra and twang like Merman!

The Art Of A Capella taught by Benjamin Thiele-Long

Join Ben as he leads a Summer Session with a Pentatonix twist. Learn the nuances of how blend as a group and support each other through the art of a capella!

Session 2: Saturday 10 June - Auditions (Techniques + Acting Through Song) 

Audition Techniques taught by Ellie Cahill and Adrian Hau

What do I wear to my audition? What should I sing? All these questions and more will be answered in this fantastic Audition Technique Summer Session.

Acting Through Song taught by Stuart James

During this session Stuart will give you techniques to master the art of acting through song. You'll apply techniques learnt during the session to a song to give a convincing and moving theatrical performance.

This Session will be accompanied by Hayden Taylor on piano.

Session 3: Saturday 17 June - Dance (Dance Performance + Tap)

Performance Dance taught by Samantha Herriot

Samantha is heading a Dance Performance Session as she teaches how to adapt choreography to different styles of music to achieve your best performance!

Tap Dance taught by Laura de iongh

"Come and meet those dancing feet..." as Laura teaches a tap dance Session!

Session 4: Saturday 24 June - Acting (Acting Technique, Improvisation and Comedy)

Improvisation and Comedy taught by Ellie Cahill

"With Improv, it's a combination of listening and not trying to be funny"- Kristen Wig

With a comedy career spanning ten years, join Noel Gay agent Ellie as she leads an improvisation and comedy Summer Session.

Acting Technique taught by Peter John Mills

"To grasp the full significance of life is the actor's duty, to interpret it is his problem, and to express it his dedication"- Marlon Brando

Accomplished Centre Stage director Peter John Mills leads an Acting Techniques Session. 

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