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Angharad Davies
Ashlin Ritchie
David O'Reilly
Imelda Maguire
Jason Rodger
Leon Hernandez
Marita Ri
Mindi Freeman
Rosalind Parry
Simon Welch
Victoria Davis

By Tim Acito
Bridewell Theatre, 8 - 12 November 2011


Centre Stage invites you to Heartsville USA. It's a topsy turvy town where falling in love is turned right on its head. Join Zanna, the town’s fun-loving matchmaker as he tries to make sure all the love gets spread around in this magical fairytale with a twist!


Director – Matt Prince
Musical Director – Matt Gould
Choreographer – Ed Walsh
Producer – Ashlin Ritchie

Zanna - Ian Thiele
Mike - Daniel Mack Shand
Steve - Benjamin Long
Roberta - Emma Butler
Kate - Ellie Mathars
Tank - Kevin Sherwin
Candi - Alyse Mariani
Arvin - Adam Moulder
Loretta - Hannah Gibson
Tex - Robert Ingham
Bronco - Dan McLoughlin

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