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Experience FAME: THE MUSICAL, a the full-throttle journey exploring the struggle, fears, and triumphs of young artists navigating the worlds of dance, music and theatre. Conceived from the unforgettable Academy Award-winning film and subsequent Emmy Award-winning television series, this unmistakable title has been brilliantly transformed into riveting musical theatre and is returning to London at The Bridewell Theatre from 28 March to 1st April 2017.


Directed by Stuart James
Musical Director Hayden Taylor
Choreographed by Paul Brookland Williams and Samantha Herriot
Produced by Alexis Rose


Miss Sherman - Trish Butterfield
Ms Bell - Claire Linney
Mr Myers - James Newall
    Mr Sheinkopf - Stewart McGhee
Carmen - Yvette Shiel
Iris - Sam Miller
      Mabel - Nicole Seymour
Serena - Laura Ellis
    Lambchops - Emma Newman
Tyrone - Dean James
Nick - Glen Jordan
Joe - Chris Cahill
         Schlomo - Charlie Houseago
Goody - Jon Haines
Ensemble: Abi Drane, Alan Taemur, Andreas Hansen, Arbie Baguios, Ashlie Evason, Becky Thomas, Cristiana Paulo, Emily Goodman, Hannah Steiner, Julia Vinolo, Kate Winney, Kob Yeboah, Matt Cameron, Peter Stonnell, Vanessa Forte, Verity Richards.

Photo Credit- Alexis Rose
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