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< Back Jesus Christ Superstar at The Bridewell Theatre Jesus Christ Superstar at The Bridewell Theatre

By Alice Anderson, June 2014


"For when this company does dramatic, they do it incredibly well." 


"Matt Hudson as Simon shone, thanks to his subtle, understated reactions in ensemble scenes and a strong tenor voice when he sung solo. Adrian Hau revealed a rich, soulful voice as Annas."


"When David Walker-Smith entered as Pilate to talk about his dream, the atmosphere tangibly shifted. Walker-Smith’s classy, unfussy performance provided a neat contrast."


"I felt sure I’d seen the best version of Jesus Christ Superstar you could ask for from an amateur theatre group. Prince’s direction was deliberate and effective; set changes were cleverly mixed in with the action so the pace kept moving; the design was neat and unfussy and performances were laden with passion and power."

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