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Centre Stage London Spottie Awards

Our Spottie awards recognise those Centre Stagers who have truly shone in the spotlight during the previous year.

Centre Stage's most coveted awards, well our only awards actually, are presented annually at our AGM.

2017 Winners

The Spirit of Centre Stage AwardPeter Mills

Best Newcomer - Laura Ellis (Left of Centre Stage)

Trustee's Award for Exceptional Service to Centre Stage- Cheryl Gurnham

Best Member of the Ensemble: Male - Andreas Hansen (The Pirates of Penzance, Fame: The Musical)

Best Actor - Glen Jordan (Left of Centre Stage, Fame: The Musical)

Best Member of the Ensemble: Female - Abi Drane (Fame: The Musical)

Best Actress - Laura Ellis (Left of Centre Stage, Fame: The Musical)

Best Behind-The-Scenes CentreStager 

Alexis Rose

2016 Winners


The Spirit of Centre Stage AwardAlexis Rose


The Gaffer Tape Award - Emma Leaver (Rent, 9 to 5: The Musical)


Best Actor- Luke Leahy (Rent, 9 to 5: The Musical)


Best Actress- Gemma Zirfas (Rent, 9 to 5: The Musical)
Best Newcomer - Laura Bird and Tashan Nicholas (Centre Stage Unplugged)


Best Member of the Ensemble: Male - Tashan Nicholas (Centre Stage Unplugged, Rent and 9 to 5: The Musical)

Best Member of the Ensemble: Female - Anna Bosanko (Rent, 9 to 5: The Musical)

Naomi Finn

Best BackStager - Ian Thiele-Long (GHOST)

2015 Winners


The Spirit of Centre Stage AwardMatthew Prince


The Gaffer Tape Award - Ian Thiele-Long (GHOST)
Best Newcomer - Antonio Oliveira (Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, GHOST)


Best Member of the Ensemble: Male - William Moss (GHOST)

Best Member of the Ensemble: Female - Hayley Louise Gear (GHOST)


Best BackStager - Ian Thiele-Long (GHOST)

Best Actor - Dan Gellar (GHOST)

Best Actress - Melisa Minton-Djoumessi (GHOST)

2014 Winners


Eager Beaver - Alexis Rose (High Society, Jesus Christ Superstar)
Biggest Diva - David Walker-Smith (High Society, Jesus Christ Superstar)
Best Newcomer - Lesley Birch (Jesus Christ Superstar)
Biggest Upstager - Siobhan McConnon (Jesus Christ Superstar)
Fashion Faux-Pas - Matt Cameron (Jesus Christ Superstar)
Biggest F*ck-Up - The Overheated Lighting Desk (Jesus Christ Superstar)
Best Actor - Robert J. Stanex (Jesus Christ Superstar)
Best Actress - Lotte Gilmore (High Society)

2013 Winners


Eager Beaver - Alexis Rose (Moby Dick! The Musical)
Biggest Diva - Emma Walton (How to Succeed, Moby Dick! The Musical)
Best Newcomer - Naomi Finn (Moby Dick! The Musical)
Biggest Upstager - Lewis Simington (Moby Dick! The Musical)
Fashion Faux-Pas - The Primitives (Moby Dick! The Musical)
Biggest F*ck-Up - The Trapdoor (Moby Dick! The Musical)
Best Actor - Rob Dorey (How to Succeed, Moby Dick! The Musical)
Best Actress - Hannah Gibson (Moby Dick! The Musical)

2012 Winners


Eager Beaver - Alexis Rose (Ghoooooulty Pleasures, Our House)
Biggest Diva - Janet Lurie-Dawe (Our House)
Best Newcomer - Graeme Maynard (Our House)
Biggest Upstager - Cindy The Bird (Zanna, Don't!)
Fashion Faux-Pas - Matt Higbee (Our House)
Biggest F*ck-Up - The Car (Our House)
Best Actor - Ross Edwards (Our House)
Best Actress - Emma Butler (Zanna, Don't!)

2011 Winners


Eager Beaver - Andrew Beckett (Steel Pier)
Biggest Diva - Deborah Lean (The Wedding Singer)
Best Newcomer - Ric Thomas (The Wedding Singer)
Biggest Upstager - Siobhan McConnon (The Wedding Singer)
Fashion Faux-Pas - Mark Navin (The Wedding Singer)
Biggest F*ck-Up - Lewis Simington (The Wedding Singer)
Best Actor - Kevin Sherwin (The Wedding Singer)
Best Actress - Cheryl Clarke (The Wedding Singer)
Committee's Choice -
Mike Roberts (Steel Pier & The Wedding Singer)


2010 Winners

Eager Beaver - Esh Alladi (Christmas cabaret & Footloose)


Biggest Diva - Debbie Day (Christmas cabaret & Footloose)
Best Newcomer - Freddy Crook (Christmas cabaret & Footloose)
Biggest Upstager - Siobhan McConnon (as Principal Clark Footloose)
Fashion Faux-Pas - Dan McLoughlin & Ed Walsh (Christmas cabaret)
Biggest F*ck-Up - Peter Mills (for a slip of the tongue during a Footloose rehearsal)
Best Actor - David Walker-Smith (as Reverend Shaw Footloose)
Best Actress - Anna Brewer (as Vi Moore Footloose)
Director's Choice - Simon Hicks (for outstanding lighting direction Footloose and countless other shows!)


2009 Winners

Eager Beaver - Paul Eccles (Thoroughly Modern Millie)


Biggest Diva - Janet Lurie-Dawe (Thoroughly Modern Millie)


Best Newcomer - Avril Sand (Calamity Jane & Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Biggest F**k Up - Eileen Donnelly (Calam in Calamity Jane)
Fashion faux-pas - Murray Grant & Dan McLoughlin (Ching Ho & Bun Foo in Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Biggest Up-Stager - Ed Walsh (Doc in Calamity Jane)
Best Actor - Paul Eccles (Jimmy Smith in Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Best Actress - Avril Sand (Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie and Katie Brown in Calamity Jane)
Director's Choice - Cara Turtington (for outstanding choreography)
Centre Stage Star - Peter Mills (presented by the Committee for outstanding commitment to Centre Stage

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